RAPE TRIAL: Alleged victim accused of making up rape claim

derby crown court
derby crown court

A trial has started this week into an alleged rape of an Ilkeston woman in a town park.

Dean Robertson, 19, faces charges that he attacked a 24-year-old mother-of-one from Cotmanhay in the Rutland Recreation Ground after she got off the bus from a night out in the early hours of Sunday October 30, 2011.

Defence barrister Mark van der Zwart today (Wednesday) accused the alleged victim of agreeing to have sex with Robertson and another two men and then falsely told police she had been raped.

Mr van der Zwart asked her: “This didn’t happen the way that you said it did, did it?”

“You were very drunk and did something you regretted.”

She denied this, telling the jury at Derby Crown Court that she was ‘too scared’ and had repeatedly told the men ‘no’.

“I just tried to curl up,” she said, from behind a screen to protect her identity.

“I could have done more to stop it,” she added.

“But at the time I was really scared.

“I didn’t know what else to do.”

She said she was raped by two men, not three, but charges have only been brought against Robertson, of Tobermory Way, Sinfin.

The court heard that she had got off the bus in Wharnecliffe Road at about 1.30am and walked with Robertson into the park.

During the alleged attack she had lost her glasses.

Passers-by, who helped her shortly after the incident, found them and one of them called the police.

The court also heard forensic evidence from scientist Sarah Wilkinson who said that there was a one in a billion chance that DNA found on the victim’s clothes did not belong to Robertson.

The trial continues.