RAPE TRIAL: Witness statements read to court

derby crown court
derby crown court
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The jury at a rape trial today (Thursday) heard accounts of a couple who helped the victim shortly after the alleged attack took place in Ilkeston.

Dean Robertson, 19, has been accused of the alleged rape on the Rutland Recreation Ground in the early hours of Sunday October 30, 2011.

Derby Crown Court was told that Richard Bower and his wife Dawn had been walking home from a birthday party for Richard at the Flamsteed Centre when they heard screams for help coming from the park.

They saw a woman at the junction of Oakwell Drive and West End Drive ‘in a distressed state’, according to transcripts of their statements to police, which were read out to the court.

“All the time that it took for us to reach where she was, we were continuing to her this wailing noise,” said Mrs Bower in her account.

“It sounded like someone in distress.”

She said the woman was saying ‘will someone help me?’ several times.

Mr Bower, who said he held the woman’s hand to comfort her at one point, said: “She didn’t appear to be very drunk, she was not staggering around or incoherent.”

The woman told the couple and another man who was helping her that she had been attacked and her phone and money had been stolen.

A recording of Mr Bower’s 999 call was played to the court. The call handler asked him to pass the phone to the woman and asked her if she had been sexually assaulted, to which she answered ‘yes’.

The court also heard an account by the driver of the Ilkeston Flyer which took the alleged victim from Corporation Street in Derby and dropped her on Wharnecliffe Road near the Market Place.

He said that when she got off the bus she had slipped on the step.

“I asked if she was OK and she said she was,” he said in a statement read out in court.

He added that she seemed ‘reasonably aware of what was going on around her’.

But when inspecting the bus later on he found vomit on the seat where she had been sat and on the bus floor, he said.

The woman could be seen getting on the bus on CCTV footage from inside the vehicle shown to the court.

A statement was also read out from Robertson’s girlfriend Hannah Silk, which she gave on December 10, 2011, around the time of his arrest.

She said she had been at an 18th birthday party at the ‘Stute in Hallam Fields Road on the night of the alleged attack and later to a Hallowe’en party in Manners Road.

She said Robertson, who lived with her and her parents in Wainfleet Close, Shipley View, did not attend either party.

“That evening I had a phone conversation with Dean and he told me he was stopping out at a friends,” her statement read.

“It’s normal for him to stop at friend’s houses so I wasn’t concerned or worried.”

Transcripts of police interviews were read to the court by Avik Mukherjee, prosecuting, in which Robertson repeatedly told interviewing officer Det Const Phil Newman that he had stayed in all night with Miss Silk and her parents.

The trial continues