Rare cancer kills retired Kirk Hallam cleaner

A RETIRED cleaner from Kirk Hallam died ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ from a rare form of cancer, an inquest heard this week.

Margaret Harlow died on April 9 last year, 25 days after being admitted to Royal Derby Hospital complaining of jaundice and abdominal pain.

Scans revealed that there was a large tumour in a duct of the 68-year-old’s liver.

Mrs Harlow and her family agreed with doctors, including consultant surgeon Prof Michael Larvin not to go ahead with invasive chemotherapy.

Prof Larvin said: “Margaret was a remarkable woman, I have to say – she asked me if it was worth it.”

Recording a narrative verdict, coroner for South Derbyshire Dr Robert Hunter, said: “It was very sudden and quite an extensive and devastating tumour in a very awkward position. Margaret didn’t have much of a choice – something had to be done to make her more comfortable.”