RBL looking for members


Many of your readers will have read or seen reports in the media today of the problems those who served in the Falklands thirty years ago are still having with depression, nightmares and flashbacks, sadly more have taken their own life than were killed in action.

This makes very sad reading, we must also remember that some who served during the Second World War and other conflicts since, suffer from the same illness.

This gives credence to that which I tell school children when I visit schools in November, those of our armed forces serving in Afghanistan now may need help in 20-40 years time, when the members of the Royal British Legion, who work alongside other military organisations, will no longer be around – which brings me to the point of this letter.

Anyone over 17 can be a member of the legion, if you can spare a few hours each month you may be the ones who could help those in need.

Only those who have seen the killing or wounding of your mates in battle can understand what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is like to suffer.

Many will come home seemingly fit and well, then this awful condition kicks in some years later. Please come along to one of our meetings just to see and hear what we do.

We meet at the Holy Trinity Church, Cotmanhay Road, the second Thursday each month. The next meeting is Thursday May 10.

Yours Sincerely

Ken Foster

Royal British Legion

Ilkeston Branch