Reader letter: Bottle banks full to overflowing

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Every year between Christmas and New Year I take my empty bottles to the bottle banks.

Every year the bottle banks are all full to overflowing. Do not try to telephone to arrange for them to be emptied.

There will be no one to take your call, and it will be well into January before a vehicle turns up to take the discarded bottles away.

I always thought that bottle banks were installed to help to save the environment, rather than for the financial reward of Scrooge bottle bank owners. Would it be too much to ask Scrooge, this year, to give all of us some Christmas cheer by arranging, without prompt, for all discarded bottles to be collected on 27th or 28th December?

Alas, I fear that many more Christmases will pass before Scrooge sees the error of his ways.

-Ian Jakes

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