Reader letter: Dogs causing strife at Straw’s Bridge

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Straw’s Bridge Nature Reserve continues to delight the many of us who enjoy the wildlife and surroundings on offer.

Right now, ducklings and baby coots are appearing and no doubt, more delights to follow.

The cowslips and bluebells are in full bloom and glorious too.

However, it is very disturbing to see some dog owners allowing their dogs to go into the lake and surrounding ponds.

Needless to say, ducks, coots and swans are terrified, and some nests are disturbed. The mind boggles!

Is it too much trouble to ask folk to keep dogs on leads?

Meanwhile, Erewash Borough Council (EBC) continue to do an excellent job in maintaining this reserve.

Local volunteers also help. Right now, EBC is conducting a survey to aid them to decide whether or not to have a catering facility restored to the reserve.

Many visitors have taken part in the survey but unfortunately a lot of folk have not been at the reserve when the clipboard survey was being done, and missed the chap who was doing this.

However, all is not lost as EBC have an online survey as well. That is most helpful. So, whether for or against a catering facility…it is worth going for and will help EBC to complete their consultation period. The survey period ends on the 25th of May.

Personally, I miss the food kiosk that was there from last summer through to March of this year. To be able to sit in the shade in the summer, have a cup of tea and continue to enjoy the delights of Swan Lake is now sadly missed. Incidentally, a hot cup of tea and food is always very welcome to walkers /cyclists, etc, in the cold days of winter too... an excellent much-needed service.

By Reserve supporter