Reader letter: End to free parking will hit trade again

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There is to be a meeting to discuss the possibility of stopping the free parking in Ilkeston, I understand.

In the last two years, trade in Ilkeston has suffered by the closure of the many franchises in the Co-op building. The final nail in the coffin came with the closure of the supermarket and post office in January of this year.

When new businesses open there again and the continued regeneration of trade in Bath Street increases, it will be most important to retain the current trade with customers. People tend to move on.

If the free parking, so generously instigated by Erewash Borough Council, is to go then the goodwill and public will go too, and by then parking, free or not, will be irrelevant.

So many people have aired the view that Ilkeston is a ghost town. Please don’t let this happen.

Ilkeston stalwart

(Name and address supplied)