Reader letter: I am astounded by animal cruelty

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Recently I was in Ilkeston at a cashpoint. I had seen a pigeon sitting on the ground, it never moved and I felt it was injured. I rescue lots of wild birds, I was concerned.

There was a gathering of men who were loud and, shouting with cans of drink outside McDonald’s. One shouted ‘that’s the pigeon I kicked earlier’.

He went over to it, it was clearly a game to them. He swung his leg right back to kick the bird again.

I was horrified and I shouted “don’t you dare” he stopped in surprise and said “it is vermin”.

“Oh no its’ not” I said. They laughed, joked about the RSPCA and police and went off down the street.

I was so angry, all the shoppers there and no-one said or did anything, or confront them. I never thought about what could have happened to me at all. The pigeon’s mate came to join it and eventually the injured bird flew up on to the roof.

Only last year a pigeon resting in a shop doorway was stomped on by a child with her parents walking home from school, they just laughed.

My daughter saw this and brought it to me, after a visit to the vet and medication I was able to release the bird.

People should teach children to respect all life.

If food wasn’t thrown everywhere the birds would not stay. Nobody dared say anything to these people.

What’s happening?

Jenny Nix