Reader letter: I want to complain about parking bid

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Below is a letter I have sent to Erewash Borough Council re: off-street parking for employees:

‘Further to a telephone conversation on January 9, I was shocked to learn the order (Civil enforcement off-street parking places - order 2014) had been passed without anyone consulting the objectors or anyone notifying them it had been passed. I believe this to be unlawful and would now like to lodge a formal complaint with the council ombudsman.

Please send me details of how to contact them and the minutes of the meeting that passed the above order.

In regard to the order, the key word is PUBLIC. While I totally object to the council staff being given free parking at the ratepayers’ expense, I find the Erewash Commissioning Group are also given free parking at Toll Bar House. They are not council employees.

There are 60 parking spaces there and at £3 per day, five days a week times 52 weeks, the total comes to £46,800 loss to the ratepayer.

This is supposed to be a public car park, the council are bending the rules to suit themselves. Erewash, according to the Ilkeston Advertiser, is facing a £700,000 cut.

If the level of free parking in Long Eaton was the same as Ilkeston by charging the going rate to council employees of £3 per day, around £230,000 could be raised offsetting over 30 per cent of this loss.

Why is the council losing this substantial amount of money at the expense of the ratepayers who are actually the employers of all the council staff?’

-Colin Greaves