Reader letter: I will continue to work for Ilkeston

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Some people might be interested to know that I have decided to finish my current term of office as an Independent councillor.

There is six months left for me to serve the people of Kirk Hallam and of course, the Ilkeston and Erewash borough as a whole.

I have been honoured to serve the community and help individuals and many groups - the rewarding work has been a pleasure and a privilege and I leave the Labour Party with a very heavy heart after being an active member for 40 years.

My status as an Independent councillor will not alter my passion and tenacity for all things fair. I remain a strong believer in justice and equality for everyone and will always aim to treat people with the respect and dignity required of one human being to another. Do not be misled by nasty rumours.

I am proud to have kept my integrity after so many years in local politics - but-it is time for me to part company with the Labour members condoning poor investigation of an alleged slur.

In recent past I have helped the community to save the Victoria Swimming Baths, the museum and the Rutland Sports Park to mention a few.

To have been pivotal in helping to turn around the initial decision to refuse the Morrisons build has been a great achievement for me, delivering us cheapest comparable fuel prices in decades (in Ilkeston), £30M investment, local jobs and big store competition - not to mention the new college built at the derelict Magistrates Courts-which was as a result of the Morrisons ‘go –ahead’.

That said, I am not leaving Town!

I am still a councillor and I will always fight injustice and stand up for what is right — watch this space.

Catherine Atkinson, the Labour candidate for Erewash for next year’s General Election, will be a fantastic voice for jobs, investment and the people of Erewash, as she has all the credentials to be an excellent MP for many years to come.

She will have my full support wherever I can.

- Cllr Louis Booth