Reader letter: Is people’s safety not a priority?

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Dear council and councillors responsible for the safety of the people and roads of Ilkeston.

On my way to taking my child to school recently at 8.30am I found not only St Mary’s Street a sheet of ice as usual in these weather conditions, but also the main bus route on Lord Haddon Road.

The bus going downhill had to turn around at the registry office, skidding in the process with passengers on board.

There was a line of cars uphill which could not move because the one in front was skidding on the icy road.

I went downhill in first gear, hoping that no-one would come in my way, otherwise I would have had to brake and skid.

I find this situation irresponsible.

Snow had been forecast and it’s clear after telephoning the county offices that the roads were not gritted until later on when it was too late for people going to work and to school.

What will be done about this to ensure this does not happen again?

Is the safety of local people not a priority?

St Mary’s Street has a care home on the corner with Gregory Street, businesses and a place of worship, as well as residents.

Staff need to have access as well as the emergency services, in particular ambulances to the nursing home.

It only needs one day of ice for it to stay for a week for lack of gritting. We have been promised grit bins before, but some years have passed and they have still not arrived. Who will make this a priority before an accident happens?

I look forward to your reply and hopefully a plan of action for the future.

The Rev S. Haus

By email