Reader letter: Our town is going down hill fast

posting many letters to red british postbox on street
posting many letters to red british postbox on street

Things are on the up for Ilkeston, you must be joking!

This town will never thrive again. It may be boom time for some new businesses but still many shops have closed down.

Recently saw the opening of a cake shop, a new micro pub and candy sweet shop, do we really want more of this type in the town?

I think Ilkeston is a disgrace in Derbyshire.

Where can I buy a suit or a shirt, anything in DIY and many more things?

I have to travel to Nottingham or Derby.

The hopes that the town’s new railway station will bring people into the town....I don’t think so. What incentive is there in this town to bring people here, guess it is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

I go into Ilkeston most days, just like a ghost town.

To top the lot, from September you cannot walk into a police station to report a crime because it is closing down SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

The only towns that are thriving are Eastwood, Beeston, Alfreton, so I can say our town centre is NOT back on the top and never will be, going downhill fast.

There is no denying that some bigger firms have struggled to make ends meet in Ilkeston, with the Co-op food store on South Street closing in June.

Derbyshire Council have got to get Ilkeston back on the map fast because there is a lot of people leaving Ilkeston and I may think that way soon!

Peter Bolton