Reader letter: Plain packaging is wrong on so many levels

Crackdown on illegal tobacco sales
Crackdown on illegal tobacco sales

Here we go again - the Government rushing into legislation - this time on plain packaging for cigarettes.

These new laws are wrong on so many levels, not least it could lead to worse health outcomes for smokers.

There are all sorts of concerns on why and whether the Government should rush through this legislation before the election, when there are so many other important issues crying out for change.

But the most devastating failure of these proposals is they do not work. If the idea is to reduce smoking, particularly among the young, then the evidence from Australia shows that is has no impact.

Instead poor-quality counterfeit cigarettes flood the market - which are even worse for health. It also, of course, funds the black market and organised crime.

Margot Parker

UKIP MEP for East Midlands