Reader letter: Return our town hall to public use

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Both the cities of Nottingham and Derby have council houses, Ilkeston has the town hall but it may as well be a council house.

I thought after the recent restorations of the town hall exterior and refurbishment of the council chamber it would be brought back into public use. It’s only around 40 years ago that the town hall was available for public functions, exhibitions, concerts, dinner dances, weddings, etc. I’ve attended many of them!

Since the Co-op and the Albion Centre closed there isn’t a decent-sized room in the town available for public use.

The council chamber is Ilkeston’s finest room. My suggestion would be to remove the council benches and install moveable furniture. Posh council benches aren’t essential for council meetings, that way the hall could be returned for public use. That’s what it was built for.

Danny Corns