Reader letter: Station excuses are ‘rubbish’

Artist's impression of Ilkeston train station.
Artist's impression of Ilkeston train station.

Yes, it’s Denis H again.

What clowns are in charge of building our railway station?

First newts — rubbish. Second flooding — rubbish, it has never flooded that side.

Now, you’ve guessed it, we can’t afford the one we were supposes to have.

Aren’t you supposes to weigh up costs before you start building it, not after plans have been approved and you’ve got the green light?

Mr Collins, what on earth are you talking about.

We are working tirelessly, we have the people of Ilkeston to think about.

What a load of codswallop, the station was signed and sealed.

What next? Of course, we can’t afford one now!

Denis H,

By email