Reader letter: Stop ‘short changing’ locals

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Did you know that Derbyshire residents are facing the biggest percentage cut in government funding compared to all similar councils in England - on top of the massive cuts already made over the past three years?

That’s why we have launched a campaign calling for the government to stop short-changing Derbyshire residents and we are appealing for your help in signing our petition.

This year every Derbyshire household will lose £97 in government funding for local services.

Compare this with

Buckinghamshire, which loses £52 per household and Hampshire where the cut is even lower at £43 per household. Is that fair?

You can help us send a message to the government by urging a rethink on the way it funds Derbyshire to give local people the fair deal they deserve.

Please take a couple of minutes to add your name to our petition online at or print off a paper copy and send it back to us by March 30.

Around three quarters of the money we spend on local services comes from the government and only a quarter from council tax, so it is inevitable that the £157 million worth of cuts we’re facing by 2018 will have a huge impact on local services.

Everyday services such as maintaining roads and public transport will be affected and vulnerable people - elderly and children - will be hit hardest because they are the people who rely on our services the most.

Derbyshire residents pay income tax to the government exactly the same as people in every other part of the country and they deserve to be treated fairly.

We’ve got the backing of other local councils, business leaders, voluntary organisations, employees and local residents. It’s time to show the government ‘enough is enough’ Please join us.

Cllr Anne Western

Leader, Derbyshire County Council