Reader letter: Taken by young girl’s kind poppy donation

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While doing my banking earlier this month in the Ilkeston branch of HSBC bank, I was carrying a Royal British Legion (RBL) collection bucket that I had used to carry money into Ilkeston to bank in the appeal.

A very young girl asked her mother if she could put some money in the collection box, to which her mother agreed, and gave her some loose change.

I explained that the bucket, despite being clearly marked as an RBL collecting receptacle, was not an official collecting bucket as it was not sealed but I would ensure her money went to the Poppy Appeal.

I was most taken by this young lady asking her mother to put some money in the poppy box, and her mother for praising her for asking.

Thank you mum, and thank you to the unknown young lady. Your thoughts and actions were very commendable. I thank you on behalf of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Every penny goes to help those who have ‘served’ their country.

Terry Hall

RBL Poppy Appeal Organiser HAE05

Stanley and Rural Area