Reader letter: Time to help others

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I have been down on luck lately which has left me feeling miserable and emotional.

I have read somewhere that helping others can help you feel better and with this in mind I thought what better time to help people who are less fortunate and thought about organising a Christmas meal for the elderly who have no family and friends.

Christmas is about getting together and I am sure there are some local elderly residents whos family have moved away or they do not have any family, have little or no friends and have limited mobility to get out of their home and would appreciate someone doing something for them to get them out of their home and mixing with like minded people for a few hours of company.

I unfortunately don’t really know how to go about pulling it all together, how it identify the people who would benifit etc...

I am writing this requesting help. I am looking for a venue, tables and chairs, decoration, food, drinks, cooks, transport maybe even a little gift for them and most importantly the prople who would benifit from this little act of kindness.

I am quite sure you will have some contacts who could assist, if you provided coverage more suppliers may help for the exposure and I am happy to organise the event. I appreciate time is an issue but if an appeal could go out askng for supplier and for people to nominate guests in need, then together we could quite possibly pull this off before Christmas and put a few smiles on the faces of some elderly people who don’t have much.

-Lisa Washington

Kirk Hallam