Reader letter: Traders ‘up in arms’ over market changes

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Ilkeston has a thriving Market. Market days are on Thursdays and Saturdays with a token few stalls on Fridays.

A recent survey was presented to Market Traders, presumably by representatives of Erewash Borough Council. The survey was held on the Friday before fair week. A total of 5 stalls and very few pedestrians – hardly a fair representation.

The survey was to decide whether or not all the market stalls should face north down towards Bath Street.

As 76 per cent of the five stall holders agreed with the plan for all to face north, starting from next week, all stalls will be obliged to comply with this dictat.

The vast majority of stall holders who are regulars to the busy Thursday and Saturday markets are up in arms.

They knew nothing of this survey, they do not want this change. The public do not want this change.

Facing north?! Who on earth dreams up these daft ideas? You really couldn’t make it up.

One trader has upped sticks and gone to Long Eaton already (is this the plan?)

Erewash Borough Council really do need to look at this, step in and save what is left of this town.

Ilkeston is the third largest town in Derbyshire and through recent years, continuous nibbling away to the foundations is driving traders away.

The Co-op has already closed and nothing has replaced the many franchises that used that building.

Bath Street has no real stores, just charity shops, estate agents and banks. It is a wonder that Boots haven’t walked. As a result, this proud town is almost in its last death throws.

It appears that there is to be a meeting in the market today (November 6). No doubt the councillors will attempt to justify the wisdom of their decision. Market traders will of course be interested to hear this and no doubt give account of their grievance. So come on Ilkeston, let us stand up for this town of ours, because it’s worth it!

-Julia Riddick

-Ladywood Road, Ilkeston