Reader letter: We’re all doomed

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Watching BBC parliament debating the Scottish Bill, sad I know, but it is worse than that- not to see any Lib/Dems standing up for common sense.

Their 56 seats are replaced by SNP’s like Alex Salmond, only interested in sitting there smugly like UKIP in the European Parliament, having a laugh and not doing anything for the UK.

They (SNP) are only there for Scotland (obviously it’s in the name).

We’re all doomed Mr Mainwaring! We have got UKIP doing nothing all in the EU; the SNP in parliament only there for a laugh ; Labour not knowing where they are going, and a Tory right-to-rule party in government run by half-baked Dave (a weak and useless PM), with his mates that just assume their positions in power.The only party that had ideas that would take us into the future together has been practically destroyed.

Well , we/you, have got what you voted for.....good luck.

I wonder if I can live OK on my pension where they try to work together and it’s a bit warmer Europe?

Clive Trussell