Reader letter: What is the real cost of ‘cheap’ roadworks?

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Many of you will now have noticed hundreds of these ‘10 mph Risk of Skidding’ signs on local roads put there prior to the application of tar and grit to the road surfaces.

This is clearly intended as a cheap fix to the increasingly appalling state of our roads.

It is neither cheap nor a remedy at all, in fact it is the opposite.

When you consider the damage done to the paint work of motor cars by the flying grit, the cost of clearing drains blocked by this stuff etc then add the potential human cost in injuries caused by an unsafe road surface, then we see the sheer folly of applying this stuff.

The buffoons at DCC Highways at Matlock openly admit the unsafe nature of the surface with their absurd signs actually telling that they have put us at “Risk of Skidding” merely by applying this stuff.

Just imagine what would happen to little Johnny on his bike coming off and getting cut to ribbons on this stuff!

No doubt the Labour loonies at Matlock will have spent all the council tax money in recent years on valid causes like Derbyshire Insight etc hence nothing to put aside for proper road resurfacing. Still the contractors will have done all right out of it and I wonder, who else? Council tax payers form an orderly queue at the council offices in order to present your claim for damages!

Chris Barlow

Langley Mill