Reader letter: Why did Boris Johnson come to Ilkeston?

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

So, exactly why did Boris Johnson decide to visit our town?

When you examine it, it really is a curious decision. He has no connection with this part of the country and after his past derision of the people of Liverpool, he was certainly brave even heading this far north.

Old Boris is a keen cyclist; yet here he is, pontificating about opening up Bath Street to traffic again. He wasn’t here in the 70s when it stank of diesel fumes.

Or won’t be when it becomes Maggie’s car park. Has Maggie Throup even worked out how much this will cost? Let’s have a guess... Feasibility study £70k (based on Kimberley having the tram), uprooting the existing Bath Street and replacing it... One million? Two? Twenty? Let’s see your figures. I will repeat this question until you answer it.

And while we’re discussing maths, Maggie, how much did Boris’ visit cost, who paid for it and the associated security it must have involved?

And is where was our incumbent MP, as surely you would expect her to be in attendance when someone like BJ is is town.....

Answers please......

-Jason Edge

By email