READERS DEBATE: Advertiser readers have their say on refugees, bin collections and mayor elections

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Every week we receive dozens of letters from our readers who give their views on local and national issues.

Here are the latest letters from our postbag...

Cameron should improve refugee offer

‘In my view David Cameron is displaying his natural instinct for selection and privilege by attaching conditions to his “generous” offer for Britain to take in refugees...’

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Ilkeston bin lorries are refusing to take our rubbish

‘I wrote a few months back asking if you could do a write-up on the council not collecting our rubbish, and now it is happening again.

They have been to the top of Byron Street but have not collected from the new-build house on the left hand side...’

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Taken by young girl’s kind poppy donation

‘While doing my banking earlier this month in the Ilkeston branch of HSBC bank, I was carrying a Royal British Legion (RBL) collection bucket that I had used to carry money into Ilkeston to bank in the appeal.

A very young girl asked her mother if she could put some money in the collection box...’

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Let’s say no to a mayor:

‘In my view Derbyshire is under grave threat thanks to a decision taken by our county council and other various city, district and borough councils...’

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