Readers join fight for fair fuel prices

Petrol prices
Petrol prices

Three hundred ‘Tiser readers have signed an online petition to support the FairFuelUK Campaign in its fight for lower fuel duty.

FairFuelUK is a national campaign fronted by motoring journalist and TV personality Quentin Wilson, calling for lower petrol and diesel prices at the pumps.

Quentin said: “Next week we will be handing in a letter to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor calling for this heinous level of taxation to be reduced.

“We want to see the Government reduce the massive 60% the treasury tax on such an essential and the UK’s 32 million road users unavoidably have to pay each and every time they fill up their vehicles.

“What we are calling for in the lead up to the Budget on March 19th 2014, is for more readers to help by signing up to the FairFuelUK Campaign and then clicking on the contact my MP link and emailing their MP directly to ask them to support a cut of 3p in Fuel Duty in the March 19th Budget - A 3p Cut in Fuel Duty that we have proven to be fiscally self-financing.”

In March 2007 the average price for a litre of unleaded petrol in the UK was 89.4p, today it stands at 129.6p.

What do you think about fuel prices? Do you support the campaign? Email