Readers react to wagon plan

Stanton Wagon
Stanton Wagon

THE ADVERTISER has had a massive response to last week’s front page asking readers for their views on restoring the Stanton wagon.

People have emailed, wrote letters and called the ‘Tiser office to let us know what they think about council plans to pend £15,400 to restore the wagon to its former glory.

But opinion has been divided with some people supporting the plans and labelling the truck a local landmark with others suggesting that there are better ways for the council to spend tax payers money.

One former Stanton worker, Douglas Trusswell, told the Advertiser: “Stanton didn’t make wagons, it made pipes. “What should be on that roundabout is a pipe, that’s what would represent Stanton.

“Spending £15,000 on that wagon is just a ridiculous idea.”

Another former worker, William Adams, got in touch and said: “I think it’s an absolute waste of money.

“When you see businesses and shops closing down because of the way things are at the minute there are plenty of other things £15,000 could be spent on.”

And Roy Verney, emailed the Advertiser, he said: “I think the money spent on the wagon work could be better spent on making the town look better, not the way into the town.

“Once you get into town and you see the town centre you just want to turn around and leave again as the boarded up shops look dirty and the town just looks abandoned.

“The money should be spent on the town not on one wagon.”

But another former worker, Edward Grainger and his son Jamie started up a Facebook group encouraging people to back the council’s plans.

Edward, 38, said: “When I noticed it was gone I was gutted until I realised why.

“I’ve never done anything like this before but feel really strongly about the wagon being restored and put back where it belongs.

“I know £15,400 sounds a lot of money but when you work it out it’s £1,000 a year and divided up between council tax payers it breaks right down.

“It’s an important reminder of the town’s history.”