Rebecca’s Olympic inspired challenge

Rebecca Hindson former world champion disabled swimmer raising money for local surgery.
Rebecca Hindson former world champion disabled swimmer raising money for local surgery.
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After a successful year at London 2012 for our Paralypmians one former Ilkeston athlete has been inspired to go the extra mile for charity.

Disabled swimmer and former Great Britain world champion Rebecca Hindson suffers from Cerebral Palsy and was told five years ago she might not walk again.

But thanks to the persistence of her GP and the physiotherapy she secured through Littlewick Surgery the former athlete has avoided having to use a wheelchair and is able to swim every day.

Rebecca, now a civil servant, said: “Even though I’ve had the disability all my life the fact that I was losing the ability to walk was really depressing.

“So now I’ve got it back it feels life a new lease of life.”

Cerebral Palsy is a condition which effects parts of the brain controlling movement.

Civil servant Rebecca was diagnosed with the condition aged three and the worst affected area is her legs.

“People think you are drunk when you are walking,” she said.

“But I have always been taught to just get on with it and live life to the full.”

Rebecca has weekly physiotherapy sessions which help loosen her leg muscles and stop the crippling pain which used to only be beaten using powerful pain killer morphine.

She added: “I feel like I’ve got my life back so I decided I wanted to do something for Littlewick to help people live their life to the full.”

With that in mind and as a salute to the Team GB’s London 2012 success Rebecca is part way through a fundraising challenge for Littlewick Patient Participation Group to swim, cycle and walk 2012 miles over a year.

Unfortunately, just four days after starting her challenge on September 1 Rebecca was told she would need hip surgery.

This has put her behind schedule but ‘just adds to the challenge,’ said the plucky former athlete.

What would have been six miles per day has now changed to 12 km per day.

Rebecca, who swam for Great Britain between 1989-1999 and won gold medals in Miami and Holland, is swimming 1,000 kilometres every day as part of the challenge.

The swimmer is also is appealing to small businesses for raffle prizes in exchange for publicity.

To make a donation there will be a collections box and sponsorship forms at Littlewick Surgery or simply visit