Red card for ‘urinating footballers’

Kirk Hallam playing fields which back on to neighbouring gardens on Windsor Crescent.
Kirk Hallam playing fields which back on to neighbouring gardens on Windsor Crescent.
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Concerned residents have contacted the ‘Tiser following repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour from Sunday league footballers.

Father -of-two, John Peet lives on Windsor Crescent which backs onto Kirk Hallam Playing Fields.

During the football season, the fields are used for 11-a-side football on Sunday’s and over the five years Mr Peet has lived there himself and neighbours have witnessed repeated incidents of antisocial behaviour by adult footballers.

“They urinate at the rear of neighbour’s gardens, drop litter which blows into our gardens, use foul language and start fights” he said.

“When you’ve got two young children under the age of six you’re cautious of letting them out even in the back garden in the summer”

He added: “They’ve got no consideration for residents around them, at one point I even opened my gate to find a player standing there with his bits out.”

Mr Peet and neighbours contacted Erewash Borough Council who rent the pitches to the Sunday league teams, as well as the police.

David Bramwell, Head of Green Space and Street Scene at Erewash Borough Council confirmed the council had now issued a warning to a local football club after receiving several complaints of antisocial behaviour.

He added: “If the antisocial behaviour continues, the council will have no option than to ban the club from playing their matches in Kirk Hallam.”

Derbyshire police confirmed Mr Peets complaint and plan to step up patrols.

Teams who use the pitches weren’t named by the council.

Police to step up patrols

Erewash Borough Council confirmed steps taken to address the complaints surrounding Kirk Hallam playing fields.

David Bramwell, head of green space and street scene at Erewash Borough Council added: “This matter has been bought to the attention of police who have agreed to carry out patrols in the area.

“The council has requested players refrain from anti-social behaviour, whether or not it amounts to a criminal offence under terms and conditions for the club.”