Red diesel spillage at Shipley Country Park

Shipley Country Park
Shipley Country Park

People are being urged to avoid two ponds at Shipley Country Park after a red diesel spillage.

A local fishing club reported the incident to park rangers on Wednesday after spotting diesel in Adam's Pond at the Derbyshire County Council-owned site.

The Environment Agency has installed a boom and absorbent mats in the pond to contain the leak, which has also reached the nearby Osborne's Pond.

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While the park remains open and safe to use, visitors are being warned to keep themselves and their dogs out of the two ponds.

Paul Reeves, Environment Officer at the Environment Agency said, “Our clean up team have deployed absorbent booms and pads that will contain the leak as well as soaking it up. As oil floats on the surface of the water, we are hoping that any damage to the ponds is limited.”

The Environment Agency is monitoring the water quality and investigating the spillage to find out how and where the diesel entered the pond.

This latest incident follows a cyanide spillage from a nearby business which contaminated the pond in February 2018.

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Councillor Simon Spencer, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “This incident is extremely upsetting for visitors and staff – especially after the last spillage which killed many fish and pond life. We know how much the local community value this park.

“We’ll continue to take advice from the Environment Agency about the steps needed to decontaminate the water and limit any damage.

“While the advice is to stay away from the water, the park is still safe to use and we’re pleased people are continuing to visit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.”