Refund driver parking fines


R.e. parking fines letters (Advertiser March 1). I thought that one of the basics of British law was that the prosecution had to prove intent to defraud.

Clearly when a valid ticket has been bought there had been no intent.

It is very easy for the wind or a car door slam to dislodge the ticket from the dashboard, it’s happened to me, fortunately I didn’t receive a fine but I wasn’t in Erewash.

Since your letters I have done some checks on my car.

I have found that having read the ticket I place it on the dashboard and it’s normally upside down.

I have also found that the ticket can be plainly visible inside the car but not necessarily from the outside due to windscreen tickets etc.

What happens if you’ve got a sloping dashboard? Or none at all? What do motorcyclists do? Or those with open top cars?

How about the windscreen misting up? Or a dirty windscreen or snow? Or if your dash is higher than the parking warden?

Of course we all know where the council can put their tickets!

I suggest that anyone who doesn’t win the appeal should refuse to pay and have their day in court.

If there are hundreds of these the council might admit they’ve got it wrong and revert back to sticky tickets.

The council should also remember they are there to serve the public and not to penalise them.

In the meantime they should refund any fines made for valid tickets and to grant appeals where valid tickets have been bought.

Erewash Borough Council are fining innocent and law abiding people and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Gordon Warren

Morley Lane