Remembering football pitches


Further to the photograph of Ilkeston Albion that you published recently, as Captain of the Albion for a number of years, I was able to provide the ‘missing’ names for Alan Harlow; these I passed on to you in the hope that you would send them on to him – thank you for doing that.

I also contacted Mr R. A. Kaye who submitted the photo, I remember him well.

Would any of your readers be able to remember any of the football pitches in and around Ilkeston from around 1948- 1970.

I would imagine that there might not be anyone who recalls the pitch on the Co-op fields at the back of Co-op Farm down Potters Lane; a pitch used by Larklands Youth Club about 1945/6. Or the one along the Bottom Canal bank against the Tippins, used by Ilk. Albion (1948?), who got changed in Jack Hands’ garage at the Gallows Inn.

Who remembers the pitches down Manner Floods, getting changed in an old railway ‘wagon’, or Charnos F.C. changing at the Bridge Inn, crossing over the canal bridge to play ‘under’ 40 Bridges.

Who played on the pitch up Hallam Fields, opposite Stanton Sports Field? Having played for Charnos for a number of years, I fondly remember playing at the back of Rutland Cottage, Heanor Road, the genial host being Monty, wonderful memories.

I do hope that you are able to print the above, I am an “exile”, at the moment living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne who has never forgotten his roots.

Roy Lacey

Formerly of Larklands