Remembering the old times


The photo sent in by Maurice Lynn (Advertiser, August 4) of Hallam Fields schoolchildren brought back memories of yesteryear.

Although a bit older, I knew many of them and hope someone might have a similar picture from about 1940-46.

Hallam Fields School on School Lane at Hallam Fields, closed as a day school at the start of World War Two because of its closeness to Stanton Ironworks which was expected to be bombed. It then transferred to become one end of Cavendish Girls School.

Cavendish School was demolished about two months ago which was a shame because it looked like a proper school not a supermarket.

Opened in 1929, Bernard Mellor was the headmaster (I won’t give his nickname) in my time, with Jessie Taylor being the mayor of Ilkeston in 1946.

A couple of memories from 1945-46 are of two male teachers returning from the war, Sam Taylor, Jessie Taylor’s son or nephew, and Mr Biddulph.

The other is of a lad entering the playground holding a jet black over-ripe banana, the first I had ever seen. He ate it slowly in front of us of course.

Danny Corns