Request to video council meeting

Richard MacRae
Richard MacRae
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Stapleford Community Group have sent an official request to Stapleford Town Council for permission to record the next meeting on February 7.

Chairman of the group, Richard MacRae, who is standing as an Independent candidate in the upcoming by-election says that if elected he will make recording meetings one of his first requests as a Stapleford North Ward councillor.

He explained: “Councillors shouldn’t be shy about the public seeing the good work they do and the decesions they make.”

Secretary, Donna Mather, added: “We feel it is important that councils are transparent and accountable for their actions and information decided at these meetings.

“Many people who are interested in what takes place are unable to attend meetings and this is a great way to share the information with others.

“Social media plays a large part in peoples daily lives and Councils need to keep up with modern technology.”