Researching family links

I am writing to ask your readers if they can help me with my research into the Sudbury family who lived in Ilkeston from the early 1800s through to the mid-1900s.

I am particularly interested in Francis Sudbury, the first Mayor of Ilkeston, and his family. If anyone can help with information, including details and photos of the original Field House that stood where the college is today, I would like to hear from them.

In addition I’d like also to find out more about the Hobson family. Matthew Hobson Senior had Field House built for himself. His son, Matthew, later inherited and lived in the property.

It would be great to have a photograph or picture of Matthew and his wife Jemima Grammer. Anyone with information can contact me on 0115 9137351 or 0798 678 1704.

Phil Wormald

via email