Residents have ideas

The Erewash electorate should make better decisions at voting time if they want Ilkeston to be improved.

To begin with, the word academy means institute of higher learning as does the word college, so, put the students from Field Road into Ormiston Academy (Ilkeston School) thereby improving student levels, using part of the funds already granted to update needs. The rest can be used to retain Bennerley for the education and needs for the future students from the school.

Albion Leisure Centre should become a two tier supermarket area, fronting onto Bath Street through the vacant Argos premises, the staff from CAB (if they are still there) should be re-located to either the magistrates’ court or old solicitor’s building along with staff from social services, at present in Rutland Mill.

The Rutland Mill building could then be leased to smaller retail outlets. This would provide a two-fold regeneration in and around the town centre from both major positioned aspects.

The Field Road site could be a Sainsbury’s Homebase store and supermarket, as no DIY store exists here.

And to finish, give us a railway station to bring in more shoppers and re-install the train on Bath Street (it works abroad cheaply enough).

Save the town. Demand that our monies, our ideas and our needs are met, not just sit back and let someone put a tick on applications that do nothing to make Ilkeston and its people proud to say we live here.

Don’t give them just another excuse to dictate to us what we do not want just because they are in office.

Remember people - your X - your say - your town.

Advertiser reader