Residents take part in speed checks

Mobile speed camera
Mobile speed camera

Community Speed Watch volunteers joined forces with PC Russ Crooks and Special Constable Ian Preston to run speed checks this week.

They spent time monitoring the speed of passing traffic through 30mph and 40mph zones in West Hallam and at areas such as Brick Kiln Lane and outside Morley School.

The Community Speed Watch initiative has been set up by police to help raise awareness of speed limits on local roads.

It involves residents and volunteers who are trained to use the equipment, being given the opportunity to carry out checks alongside officers.

PC Russ Crooks said: “On this occasion eight drivers were advised on their speed and two were given traffic offence 
reports for excessive speed.

“Speeding is the main factor contributing to most road traffic accidents, allow a few extra minutes for your journey and think about pedestrians and other road users such as those on a push bike or motorbike.”

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