Rest of town could be pedestrianised

MDL091031B1 - Ilkeston. Bath Street
MDL091031B1 - Ilkeston. Bath Street

TRAFFIC measures proposed by the county council could see almost the whole of Ilkeston town centre pedestrianised.

The highways department at Derbyshire County Council plan to restrict driving times on Bath Street, the Market Place and surrounding side streets after continuing complaints from shoppers and pedestrians.

As it stands, the access only restriction applies between 10am and 4pm Monday to Saturday.

If the proposed restrictions are approved motorists will no longer be able to use the route at any time except for access, including Sundays.

County councillor for Ilkeston and Erewash Borough councillor, Glennice Birkin, said: “As it is, Bath Street is dangerous so it’s a good idea but only if it is enforced.

“People are walking around and not expecting cars to be driving up there.

“I’ve shouted to drivers before that they’re not meant to be driving up there and all you get is a load of abuse.”

Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant, Doug Neely is also in support of the plans.

He said: “The main issue here is safety, shoppers and people going about their business in Ilkeston town centre are not expecting a car to come thundering up the street. It’s dangerous.”

New signage and restrictions will give police the power to prosecute drivers flouting the rules.

Sgt Neely added: “There’s a misconception by drivers who think they can just drive up Bath Street and through pedestrian areas.

“If plans are approved and the new signs are introduced we will spend time educating motorists on when and where they can and can’t use the roads and at what times.

“After that we will prosecute people ignoring the rules.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “The reason we’re doing this is because we’ve had a lot of complaints about people driving up and down Bath Street – in most cases to stop and use the cashpoints.

“We’re tightening up orders on the roads to help police reinforce the rules.

“The restrictions will be extended to seven days a week and outside these times Bath Street will be access only.”