Restore the wagon

I read with interest the two letters in recent weeks from senior Labour councillors, Howard Griffiths and Frank Phillips.
Both of these worthies proclaimed the virtues of regular maintenance work for the Stanton wagon. 
I am pleased to see that these two senior Labour councillors have, at last, discovered the benefits of planned, preventative maintenance. 
What a pity that they did not practice what they now preach when they were responsible for so much of the town’s infrastructure. Nine years ago when I became the Lead Councillor for Sport I went on a tour round the back spaces of all the sports centres. When I got to Victoria Park Leisure Centre I could not believe my eyes when I saw the awful state of maintenance.

After thorough investigation I was told that the Labour council had spent £650 on maintenance over the previous ten years. That was not £650 per year or per month that was £650 over ten years. No wonder it cost £1.9m to put it right and another £2mplus to make it a state of the art service. Yes £15,000 is an awful lot of money to restore that truck, but this was a mining area and that truck possibly took coal to Stanton iron works.
This council can find the money for the job and not increase council tax, or increase fees and charges or cut services so let’s do it.

Cllr David Stephenson