Restore wagon at whatever cost

I would like to start with my utter disgust at Ilkeston people for moaning so much towards the wagon. The wagon was no such thing as an eye sore it showed part of our local heritage which people should be proud of. 
It was lovely to approach Ilkeston and see the wagon, it’s not the same without it. 
Working in the railways I’m aware of how much these things cost, and £15,400 is not a shock, but I suggest trying to get a heritage railway to restore the wagon. The majority have the facilities do to this, I think this way money will be saved. 
I never thought the council did a proper job to the wagon when it was first placed there, it should have lasted longer. No wonder the cost is so high, it’s the council’s fault for cutting corners the wagon and paintwork could have lasted much longer if it was done properly.
I really think the Stanton wagon deserves to be restored and placed back on the island no matter the cost. Stanton doesn’t have much to remember it by, so the wagon is iconic as well as showing some railway heritage of which this area is famous for we must not forget that.
I hope we can get the wagon back soon.

Marcello Gabrielli