Retirement home closure fears

Elderly residents of a Stapleford retirement complex say they face an uncertain future after being told they will be re-housesd when it closes next spring.

Peatfield Court’s 18 residents have been told about plans to redevelop the site and others in Broxtowe and replace them with affordable housing.

Broxtowe Borough Council assured the tenants that efforts would be made to re-house them with friends or family in another scheme and there were several similar retirement villages within a few miles.

But residents like 66-year-old Sheila Newton are worried about the move and its consequences.

Sheila, whose 92-year-old mother also lives at Peatfield Court, said: “We all think this is disgusting.

“My mum cannot look after herself, I do everything for her. It is not a good age to be told you are being moved on.

“Most of the residents thought they would be here for the rest of their days.”

Valerie Thompson, 67, whose 90-year-old father lives at the property, said residents felt like they were being left in the dark over there future homes.

“My dad was so upset when he found out but he has come to terms with it now. He just wants to know where he’ll be going.”

A spokesman for Broxtowe Borough Council said that the property was no longer fit for purpose and its redevelopment would provide new, affordable homes for future generations.