‘Rich kids cause as much boozy bother’

Cllr Louis Booth
Cllr Louis Booth

Rich kids are as likely to cause boozy bother in Erewash communities as those who are less well off, a leading councillor has claimed.

Opposition leisure spokesman Louis Booth said it was “criminal snobbery” to suggest the problem was limited to hard-up areas.

He told an Erewash Scrutiny Committee: “Statistics prove places like West Hallam and Breaston have this.

“It is those places where people are drinking heavily at night, professional people leaving their children to go out and chucking them £5 or £10.

“It was worse at Abbotsford and Shipley View than from the Boweswell Road estate.

“We had people with personalised number plate Mercedes whose children were the worst ones to deal with,” added Labour Cllr Booth.

Erewash community safety officer Kat Thornhill said they had a system where parents received warning letters when children were caught causing problems.

A total of 49 were sent out in a year with eight follow-up letters when teenagers were in trouble again. Seven ended up signing contracts to stay out of bother.

She told the meeting: “These letters are very important. For a teenager drinking that amount of alcohol, the developmental issues are horrendous.”