Right scheme, wrong time


I thank Paul Harvey, chairman of Green Squeeze for his response to my letter (Advertiser, December 8) about my concerns regarding Dr Coles’ concept for the development of the Stanton site.

He first pays me a very nice compliment but then proceeds to get a little shirty it seems by accusing me of getting most of my facts wrong, perhaps because I have an opposing view.

I’m not sure what Paul means unless it’s my reference to high-quality housing which usually means high prices as opposed to affordable ones or as Dr Coles called them ‘high density.’

He was quite right about me not attending the presentation the presentation by Dr Coles due to family illness but I knew a man who could.

As an old dinosaur who hasn’t joined the computer age I contacted my friendly computer owner to see what all the fuss was about.

I must admit it was an excellent presentation of a scheme I could support.

My problem, it is the right scheme at the wrong time. If Paul can assure me in his reply that Dr Coles’ plans can accommodate 2,000 properties, housing around 5,000 people I could possibly support it but Paul ignores my crucial point, I believe brownfield sites should be developed for housing and industry before greenfield sites.

Don’t forget the Green Squeeze slogan Paul ‘Fighting to protect Erewash countryside.’ Stanton is a brownfield site.

The Stanton site is a massive old industrial area of 186 hectares. It is part of the Greater Nottingham Core Strategy Plan, which crosses county boundaries, so what happened at Stanton affects greenfield proposals in both Erewash and Broxtowe.

Both boroughs have their government housing quotas with people fighting against housing developments on lovely greenfield sites in both areas.

When introduced the original plans were for over 4,000 houses catering for around 10,000 people, a small town in fact.

If built this would reduce greatly the need the need for greenfield development.

This has been reduced to 2,000 houses unless there has been another re-think in the last few months that I’ve missed.

Some 20 years ago St Gobain was still in high production,

I suggested the creation of a Black Country style industrial museum at the new works, making use of the still existing foundry buildings.

I also suggested the Nutbrook Canal being opened up for the first quarter of a mile from the Erewash Canal, creating a basin and a boat yard – not too far from Dr Coles’ scheme is it?

Think what that would have done for tourism and trade.

I contacted the landowner, local businesses along with local authorities and letters to local newspapers and couldn’t gather support. Maybe I should have had Green Squeeze behind me.

The local canals hold a great affection for me. As kids off Crompton Street we learnt to swim and fish in the waters of the Erewash Canal and Nutbrook Canal.

There’s nothing I’d like better than to see the Nutbrook Canal opened up for as far as possible.

Even if Dr Coles’ project doesn’t come to fruition I think the canal could still be opened up for, as he suggests, canoeing and other water sports.

Maybe Green Squeeze could support that?Danny Corns