Roadworks misery to end this week

Road Works: Chalons way Ilkeston
Road Works: Chalons way Ilkeston

Misery for drivers in Ilkeston is set to end this week as weeks of roadworks on all the main routes in and out of town draw to a close.

But the effects of huge traffic jams caused by works in Heanor Road, Chalons Way and Derby Road were not just felt on the roads.

Businesses in the town centre have noticed a drop-off in trade caused, they say, by shoppers being put off travelling into Ilkeston because of the long tailbacks.

Gavin Chambers, who owns Chambers Pet Supplies in Bath Street said: “Everybody who comes in the shop is moaning, ‘what a nightmare it is getting into Ilkeston.

“We didn’t realise how many customers we get from out of town until the roadworks started and they’ve just stopped coming in.

“My business relies on footfall – if you don’t get people in to the shop, you can’t pay your staff or your overheads.”

Derbyshire County Council, responsible for roadworks throughout the county, this week revealed what works were taking place.

Work in Derby Road, which finished last Tuesday, was to install a new set of traffic lights, a spokesman explained.

In Chalons Way, lanes have been regularly closed off to allow council workmen to build new pedestrian crossings, like those installed earlier this year in Heanor Road and Manor Road.

This work was due to finish today (Wednesday).

Further up Heanor Road work, still ongoing is to make emergency repairs to a brick wall in danger of collapse.

This work started on Monday November 5 and was due to end in the first week of December.

Mr Chambers said: “It’s common sense to me not to start all this work at the same time.”

The council spokesman added: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We ask motorists to bear with us while we carry out these necessary improvement works.”