Roadworks to get traffic onto bypass

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A RESIDENT has told the Advertiser he was left baffled after being told that roadworks on Station Road were being carried out to cause congestion to discourage drivers from using the route.

Andrew Wakefield, of King Street, asked council officials why the work was being carried out after speaking to other residents who did not know what was happening.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it when they admitted they were trying to cause congestion.

“I’ve spoken to neighbours since finding out what’s happening and they can’t either.

“Everyone I’ve said to about it is just shocked.

“Station Road used to be really busy, I’d sit for ages trying to turn out of my street, but since Millership Way opened it’s improved.

“I can’t believe taxpayers’ money is being used in this way.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said that the work would cost £50,000 to complete.

She added: “The works on Station Road are designed to encourage drivers to use the new £15.6m bypass (Millership Way) which was completed in 2008 to alleviate traffic on Station Road.

“The measures include creating parking bays for residents, which naturally narrows the road. We hope this will discourage traffic from using it.

“Local people were part of a major campaign to get the bypass built and the works are further measures to support further use of it.

“Before we began the latest work, every resident was asked what they thought about the changes and of 91 letters sent out, we received three objections.”

But Mr Wakefield said: “I find the amount of money hard to believe.

“It’s not taxpayers’ fault that Millership Way didn’t work out.”