Royal meeting puts pair on cloud nine

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A diamond duo offered Prince William and Kathryn Middleton marriage advice when they met the Royal couple and the Queen this week.

George and Bunty Nightingale were invited to a Royal reception at Nottingham’s Council House as they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.

Mrs Nightingale said: “We were all lined up in the ballroom and you heard the cheer as they arrived outside.

“They walked in and everyone was clapping then they made their way around the hall, next thing Kate was stood right in front of us.

“She looked beautiful, serene. She was just lovely and put us right at ease.”

Mr Nightingale said: “After Kate had gone William appeared, he congratulated us and asked what the secret is to a long and happy marriage.

“I told him lots of laughter and Bunty said you have to have a sense of humour.”

Bunty added: “He smiled and said Kate looks after him.

“He was lovely and they are a wonderful couple.

“We told him we hope that they have a long and happy life together.”

After their meeting with the future King and his wife the pair thought their brush with royalty was over until the Queen came over to speak to them.

Mrs Nightingale said: “I curtsied and she said congratulations, I congratulated her too and she thanked me and shook my hand.

“She looked wonderful, not a wrinkle on her.

“She must have a special cream - I want a bucket full of it.”

The couple, who live on Winchester Crescent, said they were still on cloud nine after their experience.

And they praised Mayor of Erewash Cllr Jennifer Hulls and the Lord Lietenant, William Tucker.

Mr Nightingale said: “We can’t thank the Mayor, her husband and the Lord Lieutenant enough, they were wonderful and really looked after us.”