Rubbish is ruining canal beauty spot

Cllr John Frudd, Godfrey Drive, fly tipping
Cllr John Frudd, Godfrey Drive, fly tipping

RESIDENTS are losing patience over an area of land branded an ‘unofficial tip’ after fly tippers and litter droppers have left it looking a complete mess.

People living in homes on Godfrey Drive that back onto the old canal say they are fed up with people littering the area.

Nicola Clarke said: “There’s been all sorts chucked over there, we’ve had caravans and everything.

“It’s a real shame because it’s a beauty spot and these people that keep coming back and using the area as a dumping ground are ruining it for everyone.

“People would give their right arm to live in one of these houses because of the area behind but then you get all the rubbish left there. It’s such a shame.”

Other homeowners in the area say that as soon as the mess is cleared, more arrives.

Cllr John Frudd told the Advertiser that he has had numerous complaints about the issue.

He said: “For years now the area has been used as an unofficial waste tip.

“It’s an ongoing problem and as soon as it’s cleared up there’s more rubbish there again.

“The rubbish appears to have accumulated over the winter months and people are really fed up of it now.”

A spokesman for Erewash Borough Council said: “I understand that this area will be included in the council’s Borough Blitz campaign running throughout March which will involve residents, schoolchildren and community groups.

“We would also appeal to residents to contact the Council’s Pride-Line to report any fly-tipping in this area on 0115 850 8383.”