Safety fears over housing


I am writing regarding the proposed strategic housing location at Ilkeston West.

The council is proposing to build 700 houses and to expand the industrial units on the land which stands between the Pewit Golf Course and Manners Industrial Estate.

This land is currently green open space.

It has extensive bike trails (Nutbrook Trail), wild animals, birds, lakes, walking routes and a much-needed open space for the people of Ilkeston.

The proposed access to the area – which is currently only possible on foot – will be via Hedingham Close.

This is a narrow road located off Victoria Park and was not designed to provide access for 700 houses.

The increased levels of traffic will affect the residents of surrounding streets including Gayton Road, Drummond Road and the large number of visitors to Victoria Park.

The park is the town’s largest and most popular and routing additional traffic to this area can only be detrimental to it’s appeal.

This also raises safety concerns with most visitors to the park being families and children.

When the Duke of Rutland gave the land for Victoria Park to the town, I am sure he expected it to be used and enjoyed by the local community as it is today.

I doubt he would have wanted it to become an area used as a main thoroughfare for traffic

I urge local people to contact the local planners in time to lodge any objections that they may have on 0845 907 2244 or email before the 31st October 2011 which is the closing date for the consultation.

Rebecca Syson

Hedingham Close