Save the Children closure is ‘nonsense’

Save the Children store
Save the Children store

Staff of an Ilkeston charity shop have scotched rumours it will close — and appealed for new volunteers.

Anne Joyce, of Stapleford, who currently leads a team of volunteers at Save the Children on Pelham Street, said that the charity shop, which opened for decades, still has life in it yet.

“We were shocked when customers started asking if we were closing, we can only think the rumours have come since Scope on Bath Street closed,” she said.

“We are very much open and still wanting to add to our 15-strong team of volunteers.”

The shop opened after being left to the charity in a will. Two of the shop’s volunteers, Joyce Shaw and Marjorie Mather, have been there ever since.

Pat Collins, of Newthorpe, has volunteered in the shop one day a week for two years.

“It’s such a wonderful environment to work in and there’s a real sense of community here, the idea of closing is nonsense,” she said.

Mitchell Tuckwood, 22, of Ilkeston, began working in the shop only two weeks ago.

He said: “It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, get work experience and do a variety of tasks.”

The shop is currently looking for recruits from school leavers to retirees, application forms are available in store.