Save the town youth club


Derbyshire County Council cuts to the youth service will now lead to the Cantelupe Centre in Ilkeston being closed. Is this really the best that they can come up with to save money?

Funding will be provided to voluntary and community groups via a youth activities grant to provide youth activities on behalf of DCC but we all know that this money if not used will be lost in some other budget.

Derbyshire County Council can do big events advertising it in advance. How can voluntary groups who give up so much time do more than what they do already to improve the service.

Children need things to do and with the closure of the Cantelupe Centre what will they have left? Ilkeston is the second largest town in Derbyshire but with little or no youth activities and no community centres it will soon have a very sharp increase in health, crime and drug related problems.

Voluntary groups in the area do so much and need support but its sad to say these groups are getting less and I feel youth services will suffer.

Please show your support in fighting these cuts.

John Allen

Jarvis Court