Saving home is win for people power

As chairman of the Derbyshire Care Homes Campaign, I am delighted with the news that Beechcroft Care home in West Hallam is to receive modest improvements and remain open!

The frail residents are now able to remain in their home safe from the ravages of an involuntary transfer. Indeed many — such as my own mother — are unable to comprehend that such a danger was ever present. Life for the staff is transformed knowing that the residents in their care are protected and that their own livelihoods are no longer under threat.

Furthermore local householders will not be submitted to the impact of the building of a three-storey building at the head of an extremely narrow and steep cul-de-sac.

We have been campaigning hard for 16 months with correspondence and meetings, encouraging others to communicate their fears to the council and getting out and about to secure around 7,000 signatures on petitions.

The public will be heard, their voice amplified via our local newspaper who have delivered a fair and balanced picture to readers. Thank you ‘Tiser! Many thanks also to all those who have assisted/supported us and helped bring this concern to the attention of Derbyshire County Council who have now reacted.

This only goes to prove that persistance pays off.

Policies that people do not agree with do not have to be accepted.

Ordinary people like us can make a difference, therefore we hope public support will continue.

So, the campaign rolls on – for we the electorate need and want to retain most of our care homes.

From Derbyshire County Council we require a completely new, well thought out and realistic plan for the elderly.

There is a place for extra care apartments but they are only part of the picture.

Patently this whole question will involve a completely different approach by the new regime up at Matlock.

So far so good – but there is a long way to go – “one swallow does not a summer make”

Gill Ferguson,

Chairman of Derbyshire Care Homes Campaign.