Scarecrows’ heads cut off during festival

Elvis, decapitated.
Elvis, decapitated.

Three scarecrows on the trail through West Hallam were damaged at the weekend – and two were even decapitated.

Elvis, who sits astride a garden wall in High Lane West, was attacked late on Saturday night, but his head has not been found.

Elvis the scarecrow, before his head was removed.

Elvis the scarecrow, before his head was removed.

Nanny McPhee, on the same street, also had her head removed, but luckily her owners found it and re-attached it.

Another scarecrow, named No Job Too Small, and made to look a workman, was ‘dismembered’, according to organiser Pete Lilley.

Luckily all the damaged creations were put back together by their owners – and Elvis has had a new head made.

“The three owners were extremely angry about it,” said Pete.

“They had put a lot of thought and work into them just for them to be treated with contempt.”

Two years ago, some scarecrows at the festival were damaged – and Postman Pat was even kidnapped.

But Pete said this year’s vandalism was ‘not on the same scale’ as the damage made in 2010.